Why does Shared Hosting Come with a Control Panel?

By Mayuri Khairnar Mar 09, 2023 | Thursday
Why does Shared Hosting Come with a Control Panel?

Are you one of those who are looking for the best-shared hosting service for your website? Probably you are familiar with shared hosting in which several websites are being hosted on the same server. But you might be muddled with the term control panel. You would want to know what is this control panel and how is it related to shared hosting.

Here in this blog, we will go through some of the important and useful information about control panels and their use in the shared hosting service. To further assist you in deciding whether and which control panel to select for your shared hosting service, we'll go over the benefits of control panels as well as some recommendations for popular control panels.

What is shared Hosting?   

Shared hosting is a form of web hosting in which a single hosting account lets you run your website on a server that is shared with several other websites. It allows many users to share the server space with their domain names and email accounts. As a result, the cost of owning and operating the server is shared among all the websites hosted on the server.

What is Control Panel?

A control panel is a popular management tool that is used to control the functions and operations of the hosting account. It allows you to control various aspects of your hosting account like email accounts, website files, FTP access, database management, domain names, website statistics, security features, Software applications, and the like. Also known as a dashboard, it provides an easy-to-use interface for managing and maintaining your hosting profile. 

Benefits of Shared Hosting with Control Panel

So far you may have read only the benefits of shared hosting but imagine how difficult web hosting would be if there is no control panel. So let us see how a control panel makes shared hosting more effective and beneficial for the website owner.

By Improving Performance

With the help of a control panel, the shared server resource of your hosting system is better managed and hence improves the performance of the website. This ensures that your website loads faster and can handle a large number of website visitors at the same time. With the easy-to-use features of a control panel, the management of website handling becomes more affordable and effective.

With the ability to quickly scale

Control Panel allows shared hosting users to control their hosting environment without needing to know advanced server administration tasks. This makes it easier for users to manage their hosting accounts, allowing them to quickly and easily add new domains, install applications, and manage their databases with minimal effort. This makes it easier for users to keep track of all their websites and maintain them more effectively.

By being price friendly interface 

The control panel is the price-friendly interface in shared hosting because it allows users to manage their hosting accounts in a user-friendly way, without any technical trouble. It is also much more cost-effective as it can automate many tasks that would otherwise require manual intervention with dedicated servers. As a result, the cost associated with hosting a website can be significantly reduced. In addition, the control panel also allows for easy management of website files, databases, and emails, which can help reduce the amount of time and resources needed to maintain a website.

By securing automated tasks

A control panel is beneficial in shared hosting because it allows users to easily manage and secure their websites. The control panel provides users with a web-based interface that allows them to easily manage their websites and applications, such as creating and managing databases, setting up email accounts, configuring security features, and more. It also allows users to easily automate routine tasks, such as setting up cron jobs, managing backups, and more that can help to run their websites properly.

Popular Control Panels

The most popular control panels used with shared hosting are cPanel, Plesk, and DirectAdmin. Let’s have a short look at them.


cPanel is a web hosting control panel that makes it amiable to manage a website. It provides a graphical interface and automated tools to simplify the process of hosting a website, including website creation and management, email account setup, and more. cPanel is a popular choice for many web hosting companies, as it provides a powerful and easy-to-use platform for managing websites.


Plesk is a commercial web hosting platform and control panel. It is designed to help system administrators manage websites, web servers, email servers, and DNS servers. Users can manage their websites, databases, applications, and email accounts via an intuitive web-based interface. Linux and Windows servers can be managed with Plesk.


DirectAdmin is a web-based web hosting control panel designed to make it easier to manage web hosting accounts. It provides users with tools to manage their websites, domains, emails, databases, and other aspects of their hosting accounts. It has a graphical user interface and automated tools that make hosting a website simpler. There are free and premium versions of DirectAdmin. 

Host Suggest

The Host Suggest tool is a tool designed to help webmasters choose the most suitable hosting options for their websites. The tool allows users to compare a variety of hosting providers to determine which one best suits their needs.

With Host Suggest's online shared hosting service providers and their Control Panel features, users can enjoy all the above-mentioned benefits at a comparatively affordable price. Host Suggest offers the best price for shared hosting plans and packages that enables an incredible set of features and a control panel to make the most of your website.  

No matter which shared hosting plan you choose, Control panels would always be an integral part of any hosting plan for better website functionalities. On this note, we would like to conclude this piece of cultivated hosting advice. But please do let us know what you think about this in the comments below.


What is the difference between hosting and shared hosting?

Hosting refers to the process of renting space on a server to store and access web content. Shared hosting, on the other hand, is a type of hosting where many different websites are hosted on the same server and share the same resources such as processing power, memory, and disk space.

What is meant by shared hosting? 

Shared hosting is the service for online website hosting in which you are allotted a little server space and resources that are shared among multiple other websites, and the web hosting company takes care of all the technical aspects of the server and website maintenance for you. 

What is Shared Hosting best for?

Shared hosting is best for individuals and small businesses'' websites that are not receiving more than a few hundred visitors per day, and websites that don't need many resources to run. Also for those who are on a budget and don't want to spend too much money on hosting.

Which hosting plan is right for me?

The right hosting plan can decide based on your website requirements and the size of your website. You should choose a hosting plan that offers a good balance between price and features that will help you grow your website. The right hosting plan for you should be able to handle the number of visitors you receive on your website.

What Is Web Hosting?  

Web hosting is a type of internet-based hosting service where internet-enabled organizations and individuals can make their websites accessible to internet users through the World Wide Web (WWW). Some companies provide this web hosting service to their clients or customers known as the web host.

Is shared hosting good?

Whether shared hosting is good or not for your website or blog depends on your website requirements. if you have a small website or blog that is low traffic and does not require many resources, then shared hosting is good for you. However, if you have a large website or blog that has high traffic and requires a lot of resources, then shared hosting may not be the best choice.


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