Understanding the Basics of Windows Hosting in India

By Mayuri Khairnar Mar 29, 2023 | Wednesday
Understanding the Basics of Windows Hosting in India

In this era of Digitalization, owning your online presence has become crucial for any business and individual to establish their unique identity and reach out to their wanted audience. On top of that, a reliable web hosting service is also essential for any website to run efficiently and serve its expected results. Host Suggest

As one of the developing countries of the world, India is gradually becoming a hub for a lot of high-scale businesses no matter if it is in a form of large enterprises or small-cap start-ups or Individual entrepreneurial ventures. With this growing business community, possessing digital recognition in the eye of the world is now vital too. So when it comes to the online presence of any business or individual, owning a website with a reliable hosting service plan is also required. 

That’s why this article is here to set in a motion the concept of Windows Hosting in India, inclusively with features explanations, and some important website launching steps that you should consider before selecting any Windows hosting service provider for your website.  

What is Windows hosting?

Windows hosting is another way of referring to a hosting service provided by the windows operating system. In this type of hosting, the hosting provider uses a windows-based server system to maintain and store your data, files, and other necessary resources required to operate your website. 

This kind of hosting service is typically used by businesses and Individuals who require unique features of hosting servers using Microsoft technologies such as ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Access, as these technologies are specifically designed to run on Windows Operating systems. 

Hallmarks of Windows hosting

Now that you’ve got a basic idea about windows hosting, below are some of its hallmarks or features that you should keep in mind to select your perfect windows hosting service.

Windows-based operating system:

Windows operating system, which supports a website to run using windows hosting services, specifically designed for Windows servers. This is the main reason that distinguishes windows hosting from other hosting services with exclusive windows hosting experiences.

Microsoft technology support 

Windows-based hosting services support technologies that are mainly created by Microsoft to run your website on windows servers. These technologies are ASP.NET, Microsoft Access, & Microsoft SQL Server, which are frequently used for the creation of websites and web applications.

Better compliance with Windows System requirements

As you know windows hosting is exclusively designed to work with other Windows systems without any interruptions, by simplifying it to get connected to existing software and infrastructure. To maintain this compatibility, you should consider this synchronization while selecting your windows hosting plan.

Employing Microsoft IIS

Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), is an agile and adaptable web server that can handle a variety of web applications, such as ASP.  NET, Microsoft Access. Also, this is frequently used as a web server to develop websites and web applications.

Plesk Control Panel  

There are many windows hosting providers available in India, that lets you access a Plesk Control Panel which is also known as a server data center automation center (SDAC) and comes with easily accessible features that can handle your windows hosting account. Its easy-to-use interface assists website management and other related services. 

High Security

You should also need to be careful about the security measures of your windows hosting provider. Effective security measures must be there that can protect your online hosting experience from hackers. The secured features are firewalls, virus scanners, DDoS Protection, & data encryption.   

Steps to Host a Website on Windows Hosting   

A. Register a Domain Name

The first movement you should conduct is to register your domain name. You can register your domain name through your web hosting provider or any other domain registration service provider. This will make your website easily recognizable in the online world.

B. Choose a Hosting Plan

Now that you have passed your domain registration process, here you can proceed further to choose your correct hosting plan. While looking for a suitable hosting plan, you should keep the above significant hallmarks means mentioned features in your mind to avoid any hassle while being continued with your hosting plan. 

C. Connect Domain to Hosting Account

At this step, you have to connect your domain name to your hosting account. This process may include changing the domain name server settings or adding the current domain record to your hosting account. This will take you to the installation and configuration step to host your website.

D. Install and Configure Website

Here you have to install any required applications or software on your server. Required Content Management software that includes WordPress, PHP, or any other control panel-based software that will fulfill your website requirement. After installation, you should configure your website’s settings and working features such as backup strategy and email account setup.

E. Website Launching

Now you are at the highly awaited stage of getting your website online. You just have to test your website whether everything is on track or not. You can test different pages, forms, and functionalities of your website before its final launch. Once you are done with testing you have your website there on the digital platform.


In conclusion, Windows hosting is a brilliant option for those who are looking to host their website or application with windows based operating server. Overall, with a bit of research and necessary considerations, you can find the appropriate windows hosting platform that can lead your website to new online success.


Should I use Linux Hosting or Windows Hosting for my website?

The answer is based on your hosting needs. You should evaluate your hosting needs and requirements before making any decision. Having said that Linux hosting and Windows hosting both can satisfy users with reliable and secure hosting platforms but which one to choose depends on your specific circumstances.  

What is Windows Hosting and how does it work?

Windows hosting is nothing more than a web hosting service. Windows hosting is based on a Windows operating system that uses Microsoft technology-based functionalities and working profiles. It works by using the Internet Information Service(IIS) to manage and server web pages along with other Microsoft tools and systems.  

What is Windows Shared Hosting?

Windows-shared hosting is a type of web hosting where one single server hosts multiple websites with some allotted shared server space on a Windows-based operating system. Using Windows shared hosting, users can get easy integrations with Microsoft products and technologies with better security features. 

Best Windows Hosting for 2023

To get your best Windows hosting for  2023, you have to think about some key features that can provide you with the best windows hosting experience. You should compare pricing, customer support, Uptime, Reputation, and other security features before being conclusive about any hosting provider.

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