Top Email Hosting Platform

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Top Email Hosting Platform

Choose The Best Email Hosting Services Provider By Host Suggest

Maybe, in today’s digital world there are some business owners who prefer to forgo email hosting service provider in favor of a free mailing service. Of course, we can use a free mailing service instead of paying for it. But you guys presumably know that sometimes free things or services will have some or other kinds of limitations in the future due to their cost-free service. Your email services operate in the same way. Your email services operate in the same way. Free email services can be advantageous for your company at first, but what about as it expands and achieves the pinnacles of success in its field? During that period, you would require more security and functionality to manage your company's operational needs, correct? Email hosting is the same platform for your business that offers a lot of valuable and cutting-edge functions for it. In this article, we'll look at a few of the fundamentally significant aspects of mail hosting that will help you understand its importance. Here, we'll also provide a list of the best email hosting services that may help you efficiently achieve your goals.

What is email hosting?

An internet or web hosting company that also manages to provide email hosting with rented email servers to its users is known as Email hosting. It is an advanced level of email service than freebies like Google or Yahoo. We can use free email platforms for personal use. But when it comes to your business, employing an email hosting platform is the ideal option to present a professional and credible impression of your business to your clients and consumers.   

E-mail hosting is a service that keeps your business' e-mail addresses and digital mailboxes in one place. E-mail hosting is a great way to keep your e-mail address up to date, and it also allows you to integrate your existing mail system into the e-mail hosting platform.

E-mail hosting allows companies to manage their email addresses and their online presence from one location. It also makes it easier for employees to send out newsletters, create contact lists and manage calendars.

Why Email hosting is necessary for your business?

There are many kinds of additional features provided by email hosting providers that are not provided by free email services. With the email hosting service, you not only receive the hosting for your mailing services or professional recognition for your business but also get more online opportunities to scale up your business virtually. It helps to enhance your brand image, consistently, secure your mailbox from unnecessary errors, and make your communication process smooth with a great uptime guarantee.

Having your professional email server hosting can meet your online business needs more satisfactorily. To avoid confusion and maintain organization, you can keep your personal and work emails separate using email hosting. Email hosting can also be useful for internal departmental communication of your company. Each of your departments can get its domain name like or

Thus, to create an effective e-mail marketing strategy, you should choose the right e-mail marketing platform for your business to ensure that your subscribers receive the right information at the right time. Also, having your professional email address can distinguish your company from others. It also enhances the legitimacy of your business identity.

How does email hosting work?

In the modern digital age, everyone uses email services on a regular basis. Free email hosting providers like Yahoo and Gmail are acceptable for casual email usage, but they don't appear ideal for professional use. Email Hosting is not only about maintaining your online professional identity, but it also works for your security concerns. Its additional features include better availability and great uptime and support.

In addition to giving you access to the domain name you want to use, the email hosting provider allows storage space on your server for the preservation of your email data. For communication between the servers of the sender and the recipient, the email hosting service forms a linked knot. It effectively delivers the data to the end customer with an encrypted way of communication. The risk of confidential data, files, and emails leaking is reduced with the service of email hosting. It prevents any unauthorized interference in the communication between two servers and maintains the security and safety of your data transformation process.

To kick-start your email hosting service, the basic setup is all you need to do. With the access of an email client on your server, you can access all your emails. With some basic follow-up of set-up procedures, you can go with your email hosting activities. 

To enjoy quick and on-time email communication for your business and to impact your clients with a customized and professional hosting image, email hosting is the best way to hire. Businesses that often send and receive emails will find email hosting to be helpful.

Top 5 E-mail Hosting Platforms 

Below we have listed some of the top E-mail hosting platforms to help you choose a suitable alternative that will meet your professional needs.

  1. Google Workspace (Known as G-Suite)

G Suite is Google’s official e-mail service that allows businesses to better manage contacts and data while being compatible with Gmail accounts and calendars through a browser-based interface designed specifically for business users. G Suite provides additional features like collaboration tools, instant messaging, and real-time search across all your devices. With Google workspace, you can brand your email messages using your domain name and also can enjoy worthy integrations like Google chat. It also works with smart AI-infused responses that will send system-generated replies to your client's and customers' concerns.

Key Features:

  • Thunderbird, Apple, and Outlook Integrations

  • Smart AI suggestions to respond to your client

  • In-built security measures and anti-virus protection

  • 30 GB Cloud Storage

  • Simple relocation facility

  • Personalized Email Address

  • A basic plan with access to core Google apps

  1. Microsoft Office 365 ( For Microsoft App users) 

Microsoft Office 365 has an amazing package of features that will meet your online business requirements with a hosted email server. The features include email transformation, custom domain addresses, Spam protection, and data loss resistance with Office apps that are being used by your employees daily at work. It works excellently at the comprehensive productive stage. It comes with many handy tools with many convenient integrations. To experience Microsoft 365 email hosting, all you have to do is start with a plan of $12.50 per month.  

Key Features:

  • Unlimited Storage

  • 50GB Mailbox for each user

  • Unlimited Storage

  • Easy email address access

  • Shared Calendars

  • 1 TB Onedrive storage


  1. Mailchimp (For easy-to-understand marketing automation tools)  

This is an easy-to-use platform that has a lot of features built in, such as drag-and-drop email templates and integrations with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It also has tools like automated drip campaigns and A/B testing, which will help you optimize your emails for maximum effectiveness. The only downside is that it doesn't allow marketing automation and analytics at this time. If you're looking to start small, this might be a good option for you.

Key Features

  • AI-generated response

  • Numerous collaboration tools

  • Scheduler Automation

  • Multi-user accounts

  • Analysis of the spam filter

  • Tracking Customer Behavior

  1. Mailgun (Known for its free SMTP Server) 

Mailgun is one of the most popular email hosting platforms today. It offers an unlimited number of users and an easy-to-use interface. Users can access Mailgun via an app on iOS or Android devices. This e-mail service also provides a free trial for 30 days, so you can try out this service before deciding whether or not you want to use it as your primary e-mail host. If you want more control over your emails and domains, then Mailgun is a good option for you!

Key Features

  • Real-time analytics using email templates

  • A/b tested email campaigns

  • Device and Location Tracking

  • Reporting of Delivery Errors

  • Spam testing filter

  1. Zoho (Known for its unique CX platforms)

A cloud-based email hosting system, Zoho offers many features at a cheap cost and has amazing email hosting plans with fantastic feature tools. You can send instant stream messages to all your peers instead of lengthy drafts along with a subject and signature, and download free mobile apps for Android or iOS devices for more advanced reporting features like email lists, sales pipelines, and more. You are also able to track all your communication activities and configurations at the same place with a great uptime experience.

Key Features

  • 25 MB of email attachments

  • Projects and bookmarks

  • 24/7 technical assistance

  • Multiple domains' email hosting

  • Meetings scheduling and business calendar


Conclusively, to find the best e-mail hosting solution, you need to choose a provider that meets your needs and requirements. E-mail hosting is a powerful tool for connecting with your customers, so you need to take into account the features of each platform before you decide to go with which one. You need a reliable platform that allows you to create professional e-mails and integrate them with your website.


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