The Ultimate Guide on How to Choose the Best Reseller Hosting in India

By Mayuri Khairnar Apr 07, 2023 | Friday
The Ultimate Guide on How to Choose the Best Reseller Hosting in India

Are you willing to jump onto the reseller hosting business? But you haven’t done your proper research yet. Also, you are unsure whether you should opt for a reseller hosting business because you don’t know if it is worth it for you or how it functions overall. Of course, having a thorough knowledge of any online business platform can boost your hands-on confidence in that particular online hosting process. Then do not skip this blog as you might find in-depth solutions to your queries and doubts.

You will find everything about reseller hosting in this blog. You will gain overall ideas of reseller hosting how it works, types of reseller hosting, required features for reseller hosting, and how to choose the right reseller hosting provider for your business along with some of the best reseller hosting providers in India

So be stuck to your seat and keep your eyes on the screen…!!

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is a web hosting service in which companies or individuals buy web hosting plans on a larger scale and then make divisions of smaller hosting plans and resell them to their customers at their own decided prices. 

So it means that the Reseller hosting works as a middleman between the original web hosting provider and end customers. This reseller-hosting business can create attractive opportunities for entrepreneurs who are looking for online web-hosting business ideas.  

How Reseller Hosting Works

In a reseller hosting service, an account owner possesses the ability to sell various web hosting packages to their customers and make money from them. Also, the interesting part of this reseller-hosting business is the utilization of resources provided by the parent hosting provider. Let's see how it works:

1. Firstly, The reseller purchases a hosting reseller plan from the parent hosting provider.

2. Reseller creates his reseller hosting account and then starts setting up his hosting plans and packages.

3. Reseller sells the hosting plans to their clients or customers, typically using white labeling technique with their brand name and other customizations.

4. Reseller is accountable for managing their customer accounts including hosting account management, billing, and technical support.

5. The parent web hosting company is responsible for providing resources such as server space, bandwidth, and software for the reseller to use in providing the hosting services to their end customers.

6. The reseller set the price of hosting packages and profit margins from the reseller hosting plans that they offer to their clients or customers.

7. The parent hosting company assists the reseller hosting company as and when required in terms of technical assistance while troubleshooting or best practices advice.

From the above hosting working strategies, It won’t be wrong to say that reseller hosting helps individuals or businesses to enter into the hosting business that too without making investments in any costly infrastructures, and with the flexibility of customized hosting plans for their customers.

Types of Reseller Hosting

There are mainly the following types of reseller hosting plans that you can choose for your reseller hosting business.

1. Basic Reseller hosting:

In the basic reseller hosting service, the reseller has to create individual hosting accounts for their clients and manage them with a certain amount of allocated resources such as storage space and bandwidth along with a control panel. It is an affordable and cheapest reseller hosting type as it comes with the basic reseller hosting features and resources to run a hosting business.

2. White labeling Reseller Hosting:  

This type of hosting is best for resellers because they can brand the hosting service by labeling it with their name and logo, making it look like they are the original hosting providers of their clients. Moreover, the reseller doesn’t loosen up the control over the hosting account as the parent hosting provider remains there to provide assistance and support to the reseller and their customers. 

3. VPS Reseller Hosting:

In VPS reseller hosting service, the reseller purchases a certain amount of server resources from a parental hosting company and then partitions them into small VPS hosting instances that can be sold out further to their clients or customers. VPS reseller hosting allows individuals or businesses to become hosts themselves without having to own or manage their physical Servers. This hosting lets you work with more control and flexibility over the hosting service they provide.

4. Dedicated Server Reseller Hosting:

In this type of reseller hosting, the reseller acquires one or more dedicated servers from a parent hosting company and then rents out some dedicated portions of servers to their clients to earn a margin from it. This type of hosting business is beneficial for those who are looking for opportunities to start their own web hosting company but don’t have enough expertise or resources to manage their servers.

5. Cloud Reseller Hosting: 

As a reseller, you can purchase a large amount of cloud-based resources from your hosting company at wholesale price and then resell them further to earn profit. Cloud-based resources consist of computing power, bandwidth, storage, and so on. Cloud resellers are responsible for handling the hosting accounts of their clients, assisting with technical support, and billing. 

How to go with the best reseller hosting in India

While looking for a certain reseller hosting provider company in India, you should go through several significant factors before making any decision. Following are some key features you need to go through:


If you are looking for a suitable reseller hosting provider in India, you better look at the market reputation of your chosen hosting provider company. You should check the reviews and ratings of your wanted reseller hosting provider company and make a decision accordingly.

Uptime Guarantee:

The guaranteed uptime of your hosting provider company is necessary for flawless website performance and user experience. Uptime guarantee ensures that your website is up all the time without any downtime and interruptible issues. The good uptime guarantee of any reliable reseller hosting company in India is around 99% or higher.  


Features are the most important factors to look at while you are in search of a hosting reselling company that offers functionalities that will be beneficial for your online reselling business. The upholstery of features includes manageable tools, control panel access, a billing system, security and backup features, and more. 


When you are new to the reseller hosting business, then affordability is probably your main concern. So before making any decision ensure that your selected reseller hosting plan offers the best value for your money. Also, verify whether there are any additional costs such as domain registration fees, renewal charges, or any hidden fees.


Look for a hosting provider that provides you with 24/7 technical support, live chat, and phone facilities. Because it is important to have secure customer assistance that can be supportive at any time of the day or night. You should be assured that you find multiple assistance platforms to contact the support team.


When you think about scalability, you have to be more careful in circumstances where you are in the need to add or eliminate resources you find irrelevant. The scalability of your hosting plan will let you set your resource limit and website management requirements accordingly. Ensure that your selected reseller hosting plan accommodates your website performance.


1. Which is the best reseller hosting provider in India?

Because of the vast availability of reseller hosting companies in India, it is daunting to pick any random company as the best. There are some factors that you need to keep in the mind such as reliability, pricing, features, uptime guarantees, etc. Following are some popular reseller hosting provider companies in India that you can consider.

1. Bluehost India

2. ResellerClub India

3. HostGator India

4. Milesweb 

5. Verpex

2. Which reseller hosting is best?

Whether any reseller hosting company is the best or not depends on the user experience and the company's services. If you want to check if your selected reseller hosting alternatives are the best alternatives or not, you should look for the following factors:

Reliability and Uptime

Customer Support

Resource allocation

Control Panel 


3. Is reseller hosting still profitable?

Yes, Reseller hosting is still profitable if anyone approaches it strategically and executes well with his own knowledge and skill set. However, the profitability of reseller hosting can be decided on several approachable parameters such as excellent customer service and support, competitive pricing offers, and remaining flexible and adaptable to changing needs of the market.   

4. Which is the cheapest Linux reseller hosting in India?

There are many competitive Linux reseller hosting providers in the Indian Market. However, here are some suggestions for affordable and cheap reseller hosting plans at competitive prices:



A2 hosting



You can compare all the features and service prices to find the correct one that best fits your needs and budget. Checking reviews and the reputation of the hosting company also helps to make better decisions.

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