A Comprehensive Prototype on How to switch your website to the New Host for WordPress

By Mayuri Khairnar May 23, 2023 | Tuesday
A Comprehensive Prototype on How to switch your website to the New Host for WordPress

Choose the best WordPress hosting for your website for 2023

Are you pondering about switching your website to a new hosting provider? but you have never come across the process of shifting websites from one host to another. Then don’t worry, we've got your back. In this blog, we will get to know about the comprehensive migration process of moving a website from one to another host with your desired WordPress hosting provider. Here we will look at the overall process of website migration services from your current host to a new WordPress hosting provider.

What is Website Migration?

Website migration is the procedure of shifting a website from one hosting environment to another. This might entail switching a website from one web host to another, relocating the domain name, and URL structure of a website, or transforming it to a newer version of the Content Management System (CMS) or web platform. 

Pre-migration Preparation

Before you start your website migration process, it’s essential to be prepared and planned out in advance for a smooth and hurdle-free transition. The following are instructions that you should consider before starting your website migration.

Back up your website

The first step you should take before starting your website migration is to back up your website data and files. This step can prove helpful for your while in case your migration process faces any errors. There are various ways to back up your website database including a backup plugin or tool provided by your current host, using FTP utility to download or export your database.   

Go for your new hosting partner

Now that you have securely backed up your website data, it’s time to select the suitable WordPress hosting provider for your website that meets your website requirements and budget. You should look for hosting type, server locations, pricing, support, scalability, and security.

Look up server essentials

Before planning to move your website to a new host, watch out for the server essentials that you would require to host your website on a new server. The server essentials comprise the PHP version, database type, version, and any other server configurations necessary for your website.  

Create a new hosting account

Once you have decided on your suitable alternate WordPress host and the suitable server essentials, you now have to create your hosting account. This step typically takes you to the beginning of your migration process and makes you sign up for a new hosting plan, set up payment details, and configure a new hosting environment.  

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Setting up your New WordPress Hosting Account

After selecting your WordPress host and server essentials, you are ready to set up your new WordPress hosting account. Let’s look at the following steps to initiate the setup of your account.

Sign up for a new hosting account 

As per pre-migration processing, you might have done your account creation by now. So it’s time to signup with your created hosting account with your chosen WordPress host. Then you have to select a suitable hosting plan that can fulfill your needs, providing you with the payment information and set up login credentials.

Establishing DNS Setting 

You must set up the DNS setting to navigate to the new hosting company domain. This configuration typically involves updating the DNS records with your domain registrar and pointing the domain to the new WordPress host’s nameservers. 

Setting up e-mail accounts

If there’s a case where your website accesses e-mail accounts with your current domain name, you should create a new e-mail account to start with your new hosting provider. This e-mail setup includes an e-mail address setup, configuring e-mail clients, any existing mail data migration, and e-mail forwarding.

Swapping your databases to the new WordPress host 

After setting up email accounts and establishing the hosting console, it’s time to migrate the website’s database and files to the new host. The migration procedure typically entails moving your website’s files to the new WordPress hosting account via an FTP program as well as exporting and importing your database from the current server.

Pass your final check by the testing and troubleshooting 

After completing your pre-migration preparation and new WordPress account setup, you should test your website’s functionality to ensure the productivity level of a new host. Following you can find some final testing and troubleshooting steps you should consider:

Testing the operation of the website

In this first part of your final check, you ought to double check all the links, pages, forms, and other elements are performing properly. Using website monitoring tools, you can check for broken links and missing pages. Also, you should check for the speed, performance, security, and loading time of your running website to ensure the expected result delivery.

Troubleshooting basic migration issues 

That might be the case when you have encountered some common issues during the migration process that can affect your website’s performance and productivity. The issues can be incorrect URLs or any other technical issues. To address these issues, you can access the website audit tools to fix all the technical errors to ensure the smooth and uninterrupted growth of your website.

Updating plugins, themes, and other components

After finishing your migration process you may need to update the WordPress plugins, themes, and other necessary components that play a significant role in your website performance. You should make sure that all the components are working with their updated versions. You can keep checking on the WordPress dashboard to avail the required updation and installation.

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Final Wind-Up  

To wind up this topic, we can culminate that migrating your website to the new WordPress hosting provider is the proactive step towards achieving the full potential growth and development of your website. So go ahead and start your journey of digital growth- maybe your website and users will thank you for this move.


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