A Comprehensive Guide to Dedicated Server Hosting in India

By Mayuri Khairnar Apr 04, 2023 | Tuesday
A Comprehensive Guide to Dedicated Server Hosting in India

No wonder why owning something that is wholly dedicated to oneself can get an enormous level of satisfaction to the one who owns it. Just like that, handling the entire server command of your website with dedicated server hosting in India is also one of the wholesome hosting experiences where everything is under your complete control.

Having said that you might wonder if would it be that easy to own a dedicated server. What are the welfares and blockages of dedicated server hosting? What are the types of dedicated hosting available? Then, let your queries get solved here as we have considered all the relevant concerns that you might be having about Indian dedicated server hosting. Additionally, we will also convey to you some of the best and most affordable dedicated server hosting providers in India. So, Stay tuned….!!

What is Dedicated Server hosting?        

Dedicated Server hosting is the ultimate hosting solution for those who want to handle their website or application without sharing any server space with anyone and also get access to entire server resources to themselves. Dedicated hosting is the best option for those people who want to own their server and website control using their own operating strategies and technical skills.

In a country like India, the business world is growing gradually. No matter it is an organization or a private individual, everyone now wants to hype their business in the digital space. In this scenario, dedicated server hosting can be proved as a great tool for managing their business virtually on online platforms. 

Types of dedicated servers

Managed vs unmanaged dedicated servers

Managed and Unmanaged dedicated servers are two different server kinds that refer to the level of control and maintenance responsibility that a service provider has over the server and its operating system.

With an unmanaged dedicated server, the service provider will be accountable for providing the server hardware and internet connection, and the rest of the website management will be taken over by the user such as updating the software, security updates, data backups, and troubleshooting the server issues. 

While on the other side, Managed dedicated server providers are all there to superintend users each hardware maintenance task for the website management. However, it doesn’t mean that user lost the control over the server. But he can be more focused on business growth rather than server maintenance.

Single processor vs dual processor dedicated servers

Probably you are acquainted, a dedicated server works as a physical server completely devoted to one user or business organization. However, these servers can be configured with single or dual, or multiple processors that boost the website and server performance.

Substantially, a single-processor dedicated server comes with one CPU model that is capable to handle one processing task at a time. That’s why this kind of processing server is advisable for those websites and applications which don't require heavy processing power and gain low to medium traffic volume.

When there is a dual-processor dedicated server,  which has two CPUs that can handle multiple processing tasks at the same time. This dual-processor server is favorable for high-peaked traffic websites and applications that require a lot of processing power and high performance. The illustrations of High-traffic websites are like large e-commerce websites, online gaming sites, or video streaming platforms.    

Upper hands of dedicated server hosting in India

Newfangled security and reliability: 

Dedicated server hosting offers a superior level of security and reliability as compared to basic shared hosting. It supplies high protection and well-grounded hardware to keep your website safe from hackers as a user is the only person who has access to the server. So dedicated server hosting is secured for the server which is not accessible to any other users.

Enhanced performance and scalability

It comes with more isolated features and functionalities that are not possible with any shared or VPS server hosting. As a result, your website can achieve an enhanced level of better scalability and performance. As it solely belongs to one user, there are no restrictions on the server space, bandwidth, or CPU power.

More power over server configuration and resources

With possessing whole server commands, you also get full control over the configuration and resources of the dedicated server. If you are excellent at your tech-savvy skills and you have a great knowledge of server setup and management, then a dedicated server is indeed meant for you. 

Customization options for hardware and software

Dedicated server hosting comes with varied customization options that make it easy to access your hardware and software with complete control over your entire server settings and functionalities. Users can install any software and application that they need and configure the server as per their requirements.

Better support and customer service

The dedicated server supports you with 24/7 technical assistance, which becomes helpful for you in situations where you might feel stuck in the middle of server management activities. At this point, the user can quickly get connected to the customer support team and get the queries resolved. In this way, with quick customer support, you can keep your website running hassle-free.      

Possible blockages of Dedicated Server Hosting

Highly expensive

Since it comes with more security and power of system operation, the cost of dedicated server hosting is mostly high in price than shared and VPS hosting. This can make an adverse effect on small businesses and startups that are running on a low budget. If any new venture would want to host with a dedicated server it needs to raise funds for server hosting.

Technical expertise required

 If any individual or organization wants to host their website or application with the help of dedicated server hosting, then the individual himself has to take care of all the technicalities and the organization has to have its technical experts handle the server. Because businesses that don’t have any IT team or technical staff in their firms would need to acquire additional support which can be more expensive.  

Demands high maintenance

As an organization works on a large scale, the maintenance of the server also needs to be done promptly. Because, with dedicated server hosting, businesses are exclusively responsible for server maintenance and regular updates. Latest security patches and software updates require more time and additional resources that are not possible without any technical expertise.

Restricted regional reach 

Eventually, if the target audience of your business is located in other specific regions of the world, Then hosting in India will be beneficial or efficient, neither for the business nor the customer. Because as a consequence of the geographical location of the dedicated server, the website might be difficult to access for your target audience. Also, distance and potential network latency can slow down the website performance.

Popular Dedicated Server Hosting in India

GoDaddy India

GoDaddy is a well-known web hosting company that provides excellent dedicated server hosting services and plans in India. Their dedicated server hosting plans starts at Rs. 8839/- per month and also offer features such as high bandwidth, full root access, cPanel/WHM control Panel, and 24/7 support.

Bluehost India  

Bluehost India is another popular web hosting service provider inclusive of all kinds of dedicated server hosting plans. Its dedicated server hosting plans starts at Rs.8499/- per month. It comes with 3 IP addresses, 5 TB bandwidth, and cPanel inclusion with maximum control and database management.

HostGator India

After Bluehost, there is a HostGator in the list of popular dedicated hosting service providers. HostGator provides its dedicated hosting plans with many easy and affordable EMI options. It starts at Rs. 9269/- per month with free website migration, and software cum application assistance with a highly trained expert technician team.

A2 Hosting India

A2 Hosting India is one of the remarkable hosting companies in India that propounds low-cost dedicated server hosting expensive but budget-worthy service plans for online business owners. It starts at Rs. 12804/- per month that encompasses RAID-10 storage, Free and easy site migration, 30 Days money-back guarantee, etc.

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1. Why would a business choose a Dedicated Server?

The server needs to depend upon the type of business and its hosting requirements. Businesses would choose a dedicated server for various reasons such as high-performance requirements, tight security concerns, customization, regulatory compliance, reliability, root control, and more.   

2. How much does a hosting server cost in India?

The cost of a hosting server depends upon the type of server you need, and the hosting company you choose to purchase your hosting services. But from the below information, you can go through some estimates of a hosting server cost:

Shared hosting: Shared hosting starts from a minimum of INR 50 to INR 500 per month based on the service provider and server features.

VPS hosting: Virtual Private hosting server plans start from INR 500 per month to INR 5000 per month based on the server resources and included features.

Dedicated hosting server: Dedicated hosting server plans can cost around INR 5000 to INR 50000 per month. It seems highly expensive but reasonable as it comes with sole ownership of the server and resources.

3. Which is the best hosting provider dedicated server?

There are several dedicated server hosting providers, and the best one will depend on your hosting server's needs and budget. Here are some of the popular dedicated server hosting providers in India:

Amazon Web Services

Digital Ocean

Liquid Web




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